funky bow tie

Funky Bow Tie with Embroidery

Pre-tied bow tie


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Accessorize your outfit with this Funky Bow Tie and wear it to any fashionable event. Stand out from the crowd by wearing this amazing bow tie!
This is an in-house pattern, with an intricate design, produced only for our bow ties. It comes all the way from Europe and it preservers culture and tradition. The bow tie is machine embroidered and this will preserve its design and shape for a long time.
You will not find any funky bow tie like this one in other shops as we are the only ones that produce it.

The shape and color of the bow tie make it unisex thus it can be worn to any event, depending on how you choose to style it.

Material: cotton and synthetic

Color: red back and white front

Size: adjustable

Metallic hooks