Green metallic bow tie

Green Metallic Bow Tie

Limited bow tie – only 35 pieces were ever made.

Pre-tied bow tie


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Green metallic bow tie with embroidery accents.
This is an in-house pattern, produced only for our bow ties. The bow tie is embroidered using an European ethnic pattern, empowering tradition and adding cultural values to this piece.
You will not find any bow tie like this one in other shops. It is one of a kind and we are the only ones that produce it.

The metallic accents that cover the corners of this bow tie are a representation of some people’s characters. Sharp points that sting are revealed if the rounded shiny covers are removed. Wear it as a fashion statement, as a symbol of rebellion and of class!

This green bow tie can be a perfect gift for someone who adores having unique accessories. It fits both men and women, being unisex. It’s a statement piece that will keep all eyes on you. Be daring and go bold!

Limited bow tie – only 35 pieces available for production

The bow tie comes in already in a special designed box.

Material: synthetic

Size: adjustable

Metallic hooks

Pre-tied bow tie.

Machine embroidery.