Muniom Terms And Conditions


Accessing this e-commerce site, hereinafter referred to as “store”, for information, visits or purchases, implies the acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth below. The owner of the store has the right to make changes to these provisions without notice.

Defining the service offered

According to the Law of Electronic Commerce no. 365 / 07.06.2002 this shop represents an “information society service”. The information company SC BORISONE SRL is the owner of the store, registered with the Trade Register with no. : j16 / 195/2013 CIF: 31183536, with headquarters in str. Complexului no. 3, Carcea, Dolj. As a result, this store is just a graphical interface that presents to the recipient the information made available by the product suppliers and offers at the same time the technical way of making purchases.

The obligations of the store

• Provides the buyer with the opportunity to view the final value of the products and the related shipping taxes before the transaction is completed. The prices displayed are expressed in EUR and do not include VAT, as the Company does not pay VAT.

• Shipment to the buyer of the order, by e-mail, in the form in which it was completed, without the possibility of being modified by anyone, in any way.

• The access of each buyer to the history of their own orders, (after authentication) for viewing or printing.

• Respecting the confidentiality of the personal data entered by the client. The store undertakes not to make public the personal data of the customers or the transactions carried out. Personal data will only be used for the stated purpose of the store or for informing or maintaining communication with the customer. The personnel who manages the store do not have access to the editing of the customer data, the editing of the content of the orders or of the order history.

• The order received from the client is considered a contract and is subject to the provisions of the law regarding the legal regime of the distance contracts.


The store has no responsibility regarding:

• ambiguous statements, incorrect speeches, incorrect prices, etc. (excluding and assuming those due to the wrong transcription by the store operators).

• mismatch between the purpose for which a product was purchased and its functionality.

• differences between the way in which the images of the products in the store appear and the products received, which refer to color, hue, accessories and others.

• the availability in stock of the displayed products, these being sold within the limit of the stock. For this reason, the store may not be able to honor a certain order if the requested product is no longer in stock.

• delays in delivery due to the courier / post or for other reasons.

• damage, destruction, loss during transport to the consignee, which falls to the carrier.

• both the store and the supplier have the right to verify any telephone order, asking the buyer to confirm personal or order related data.

• the store or supplier reserves the right to refuse the execution of orders, without motivating this choice, with the notification by e-mail of the customer.

• the content or nature of the sites through the links to which a customer reaches the store.

See Returns and Refunds policy

See Shipping and Delivery of products

Legal provisions

The store operates in compliance with all the legal provisions imposed by the Romanian State.

Any attempt to gain unauthorized access, damage or fraud will be notified to the competent authorities.

The store will try to amicably resolve any conflicts between the parties. If this is not possible, the legal provisions and their resolution will be applied by the courts.

Shipping fees for each package are displayed in the shopping cart.
The packages will be, by default, sent through the Romanian Post service, unless stated otherwise.